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Testosterene and Strength Training

The right combination of training parameters will spark an unparalleled release of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors. Research shows that, from beginners to experienced lifters and athletes, the anabolic response as a result of strength training plays a major role in increasing strength and muscle mass Hakkinen, West. Serum testosterone levels are increased […]

Looking for a Certified Slow Motion Trainer

Body by Storm is looking for an experienced certified slow motion trainer. Body by Storm is located in Valley Village on the southeast corner of Colfax and Riverside Drive. The studio has sixteen pieces of premiere equipment, a combination of MedX and David. If interested, please contact us at 818 761-1903

Resistance Training – Health and Well-Being for both the Body and Mind

Anxiety is typically manifested with feelings of nervousness, fear, apprehension and worry. 15% of the US population reports frequent anxiety symptoms lasting 15 to 30 days a month. Prolonged and heightened exposure to anxiety is associated with poor sleep, mental distress, bodily pain, poor health and limitations to physical activity. Cognition refers to the brain’s […]


Shoulder tendonitis or tendonitis is an inflammation injury to the tendons of your shoulders rotator cuff. Inflammation is not always present in injuries to the shoulder tendons, but when it is, it is medically know as a rotator cuff tendinopathy or tendinopathies. A common cause of tendonitis is repeated micro-trauma to the rotator cuff tendon […]

Did you ever wonder “What exactly IS a Rotator Cuff?”

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint that stretches further than normal. Your shoulder has such an incredible range of motion that you can rotate it in any direction. However, what you sacrifice for having this phenomenal range of motion is joint stability. Over 20% of the adult population has been shown to […]

Exercise and Arthritis – Do They Mix?

The good news is that exercise is not only possible, but also highly beneficial for the treatment of arthritis. Arthritis is commonly characterized by stiffness, pain and loss of joint function. Unfortunately, exercise program adherence for many arthritic clients often takes a back seat to rest and inactivity, due to the complications associated with the […]

Osteopenia – What is it and Can I Catch It?

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are not diseases, they are conditions. Thin bones are often the result of how we live our lives or the result of other medical conditions / treatments. Osteopenia is an age related condition in which the bone mineral density is lower than usual. In most people, Osteopenia is an early warning sign […]

How Do I Make The Most Out Of My Workouts?

A good start is to ensure you pick a program that calls for the proper intensity to stimulate adequate muscle growth, such as Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training. Once you are on track with the right program, the following inputs are essential (Based on the book Body by Science): Sufficient Rest: Adequate sleep. This […]

Where would you like to Strength Train?

If given the choice to Strength Train in one of today’s commercial fitness centers or a Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Studio, which would you chose? Let’s take a quick look at the two different environments. Today’s commercial fitness centers have been designed more for a mass appeal. These centers come equipped with numerous televisions, […]