Joan Hillerts - Founder "Hands On" Wisdom OM; NCTMB; CST

Joan,  Early 70′s

I have known Dorothy Storm since 2007  first as a client, then as a friend and then in 2009 as my “Super Slow” instructor. Over the years my body has more than benefited from her knowledge, her persistence on form and her dedication to her craft.  After several injuries, Dorothy’s skills have returned me to my “original and upright position” with patience and humor. The great shape of my body at seventy is testimony to her skills.

Jesus Lopez - Retired Peace Officer

Jesus, Late 60′s

I have been involved over the years with a lot of different trainers and routines. Now that I am nearing the 70 year mark, I have sought after a training routine that would be of benefit for my age but not take up a lot of my time. I narrowed my search down to slow motion training. When I was discussing this with a friend, she recommended her trainer, Dorothy Storm.

After about 7 sessions with her, I have been very impressed by her involvement in my training. She has been very thorough in getting to know my goals and my actual physical conditioning. She then set up a base line for me to track my improvements. She was very professional in explaining each and every machine that I use and how they functioned in my physical conditioning. I was started up in a gradual manner until I could be worked to my full level in each work out. I have been very impressed with the results that I have achieved in the past weeks, and the new strength that I have achieved. She has also been especially careful that I am safe during each exercise routine and during my transitions between machines. I have been very impressed by the multiple machines that she uses on me. Dorothy also helps me with my eating habits and hydration so that I can recover quickly and advance more. I am extremely pleased that I have Dorothy Storm as my trainer, and I would highly recommend her and her caring attitude, plus very professional manner. I am very happy being transformed, and my changes have been noticed by others and my prior levels of personal performance have improved as a result. You should have Dorothy Storm as your personal trainer so that she can transform your body to new levels of strength and fitness, and not take up large blocks of your time.

Ingrid Rushing - Founder & President Community Options, Inc

Ingrid,  Late 40′s

Almost 7 years ago I was introduced to a concept that changed my life.  After losing over a hundred pounds and delivering 3 babies (including a set of twins) I was determined to find a method that would provide me an optimized fit look for my new body.  I didn ’t like the way I looked in the mirror and wanted to not only look better, but feel better and stronger than ever.  My physician turned me on to the Super Slow Phenomenon.  After the initial explanation of the dramatic life changes he had noticed in his patients, I was off on my quest to find the best and I did in Dorothy Storm.   Never in my life have I stuck this long with an exercise regimen.  This method to me is so good, so right, and so easy to accomplish the best results.  Between my family, work, and addition al commitments, I have very limited time in my day, so every minute counts.  My workout is short, but not sold short on the quality being provided during each session the Body by Storm. I am very pleased with my success and the ability to continuously improve.  I contribute this success to a great match between trainer/mentor and client.  Dorothy Storm was perfect match of an instructor for me.  She is not only professional, but customized a plan and regimen that worked for me and my busy schedule.  Her enthusiasm and infused determination keeps me coming back for more.

With Body by Storm, I feel that there is no “ceiling” to reach as I continue to get stronger and test what I thought were my limitations in a safe and comfortable zone.  I’m in good hands. Super Slow has helped me to feel more youthful and more capable of physical play and interaction with my three sons and feel strong in doing so.  The confidence of training with Dorothy and the improvement made over the years has even helped boost my courage in pursuing strong interest in Middle Eastern Dance, while feeling comfortable in my body.  I remind myself every day of how fortunate I have been to have this tool under my belt along with a fabulous instructor that genuinely cares and motivate me to be my best.

Michelle Williams - Voice Over Artist / Reiki Master

Michelle, Early 40′s

I’ve trained in many styles and with many trainers, and nothing compares to the work out I get with Dorothy Storm doing slow motion training! I’m a busy mom of 2 and work 2 different jobs, fitting a work out in is difficult, let alone trying to go multiple times a week. Three years ago, I would never have believed that I could do strength training once a week intensely and that it would be enough. But it is and it is great!  Dorothy is gentle yet firm and keeps me working at my optimal fitness level. Her studio is clean and her machines are the best I’ve ever worked on. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, keep muscle tone, or compete as an athlete, Dorothy Storm and Slow motion training are the best work out I’ve ever had!

Alan Scheinbaum - Medical Doctor, M.D.

Alan, Late 60′s

As a practicing physician, I recognize the importance of regular exercise. I played vigorous sports in college (soccer and lacrosse) and continued into adult life playing softball, distance running, cycling, ice and rock climbing and skiing.

Currently, at age 68, and still practicing medicine, teaching residents and post-doctoral fellows at a university medical school program, my life has become a bit more complex. This is in part, due to busy work schedule, and some unanticipated issues with degenerative arthritis and heart disease. Nevertheless, I still want and require regular exercise in order to maintain my energy level, fitness, and a general sense of well-being.

This is where Dorothy Storm and “SuperSlow” workouts come into the picture. Dorothy is not only and excellent trainer with a complete knowledge of anatomy and physiology, but she understands my exercise needs and, most importantly, my limitations at age 68 with the above conditions. In addition she is so enthusiastic about what she does that she transfers that enthusiasm to me. So I participate religiously every week, once a week in an intense workout (which fits into my busy schedule) and I reap the benefits.

To say I was skeptical at first that a once-a-week appearance at her studio would fill the bill for my exercise needs, is putting it mildly. How could a single session of exercise possibly provide the necessary stuff that 3 sessions per week at the gym used to fulfill? But after 3 or 4 trips to “Body by Storm” I felt more energy, strength, and oddly enough began to see a more sculpted me.

So I am now a “firm” believer in this once-a-week exercise where slow, slow resistance to weight machines, a maximum of 6 “reps” and “doing it until you fail” are the secret ingredients to success.