Seniors Strength Training

Am I Too Old to Strength Train?

Absolutely not! Actually, strength training is vital for all ages. The only difference from a physiological standpoint between older people and younger people is the older population has had more time for the deconditioning process to do its damage. Strength training for the younger population and the older population are the same. The only time it’s necessary to modify a given training program is when a client has an injury or a condition such as arthritis. Strength training is important for seniors due to the numerous benefits it provides – cardiovascular efficiency, increased gastrointestinal transit time and increased bone density, just to name a few. Strength training also increases muscle mass which helps regulate body temperature. As people age they become more vulnerable to hot and cold. Dr. Doug McGuff states clearly “the approach of most fitness professionals to treat senior citizens as though they were pieces of fine porcelain is detrimental…..if a toned down approach is employed….the benefits will be diminished. Above all else, strength training affords the opportunity for senior citizens to reclaim their independence and liberty.” Strength training is for men and women of all ages, it’s one of the best ways to slow down the aging process.

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