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Did you ever wonder WHY you lose fat from exercise?

It’s author Fred Hahn who states it best in his book “The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution”

“Slow Burn (aka Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training) turns your body into a fat-burning machine, not because of the extra calories you expend in the workout, but rather because of the metabolic and hormonal changes it brings about.”

The Biochemistry (Condensed Version from Fred Hahn’s Book):

  1. When you work a muscle to the point of failure, it sends out hormonal signals to the rest of the body to preserve muscle at all costs. Get your nutrients from someplace else, such as stored body fat.
  2. Also taking muscles to failure stimulates the production and activity of an enzyme “AMP Kinase” – the body’s master fuel switch. This turns on the fat burning process during exercise and keeps going even when you’re done exercising for 7 to 10 days (after a Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training Session). You’ll continue to burn fat while “resting”
  3. Slow Motion High Intensity causes as much as five-fold in the number of “fat-burning furnaces” (mitochondria) within the muscle cell. The more mitochondria per cell, the more fat burned. The more muscle you build, the more mitochondria.

The greater the intensity of the workout, the more time must be allowed for the repair and growth of the tissue that was stimulated by the workout. It is the process of repair that makes the muscle fibers bigger and stronger.”

If your goal is to lose fat and build muscle, Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training has been scientifically proven to help get you there in just 30 minutes, once per week.

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