Time to Save Time

Interested in Finding a Few More Hours in the Week?

No one states the advantages of the single session of strength training per week over the traditional 3 sessions per week of training at the gym better than Doug McGuff, M.D. in his book, “Body by Science.” Below are direct quotes as well as key topics regarding Dr. McGuff’s findings on the Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training protocol.

“The key element is that each exercise must be performed with slow, precise repetitions, in perfect form, with a weight heavy enough to take the muscle being worked to total fatigue in just a few repetitions.

  • Total fatigue is the point at which the muscle cannot move the weight anymore with any amount of coaxing.

The purpose of the exercise is not to make the weight go up and down; it is to achieve a deep level of inroad, to reach the point where you can no longer move the weight but still keep trying.”

In essence, it’s the intensity of the workout, not the time spent in the gym that will build muscle and help you lose fat. Increase the intensity of your workout, in the proper setting, and you will be able to decrease your time in the gym and add back a few hours into your week.

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