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Osteopenia – What is it and Can I Catch It?

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are not diseases, they are conditions. Thin bones are often the result of how we live our lives or the result of other medical conditions / treatments. Osteopenia is an age related condition in which the bone mineral density is lower than usual. In most people, Osteopenia is an early warning sign for Osteoporosis. Bone is constantly changing, old bone is removed and new bone is formed. Osteoclasts removes old bone while Osteoblasts build new bone cells. When Osteoblasts are more active, bone grows. Somewhere about the age of 35, the balance begins to shift and bone begins to grow much slower. A few known causes of Osteopenia are: Smoking, Alcohol, Sedentary Lifestyle, Yo-Yo Dieter, Heredity, Ethnicity – Specifically Caucasian and Asian Women, Low Body Weight and Nutrition. You can influence your own future bone health – You can reverse bone loss. Bone density exercises stimulate Osteoblasts which is an excellent way to build stronger bones. Weight bearing or resistance exercises puts increased stress on bones which research shows stimulates bone growth. The Surgeon General stated “It is clear…that (for) physical activity to specifically benefit bone health (it) should involve loading (stressing) the skeleton…Evidence suggests that the most beneficial physical activity regimens for bone health include strength training or resistance training activities. These activities place levels of loading on bone that are beyond those seen in everyday activities.” So it’s not too late to strengthen your bones. If you suffer from Osteopenia, “Thin Bones”, now is the time to take action because you can reverse bone loss with only one, thirty minute strength training session per week using the Slow Motion High Intensity protocol.

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