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Where would you like to Strength Train?

If given the choice to Strength Train in one of today’s commercial fitness centers or a Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Studio, which would you chose? Let’s take a quick look at the two different environments.

Today’s commercial fitness centers have been designed more for a mass appeal. These centers come equipped with numerous televisions, high tech speakers blaring loud music, neon signs, magazines and newspapers, electronic devices, endless people on their cell phones and the constant chatter of conversation either indirectly or directly aimed at you. The equipment in these centers tends to be sub-par and have seen their share of wear & tear with little to no maintenance. Depending on the time of day you visit these centers, the crowds can be quite substantial. If you do wish to use the resistance equipment, the likelihood is that other members are sitting, leaning or using the equipment. Your best bet is to come back during non-peak hours.

The Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Studios have been designed for private one-on-one strength training session. The only people in the studio during the training session are the fitness trainer and the trainee. Distractions are kept too as few as possible so as to not divert your attention from your purpose. There is no music, no bright lights and no other individuals. At a Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training Studio, you are there to strength train. “When you are working out you want to be focusing on producing the highest level of effort that you can and the deepest level of fatigue in the targeted musculature that you can.” Doug McGuff. The temperature of the workout area is important. Working out causes a large amount of internal body heat. These fitness studios are temperature controlled to remain at 68 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid overheating. All sessions at a Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Studios are under the care and guidance of certified exercise instructors. The exercise instructor pushes you to muscle fatigue and ultimately muscle failure. The instructor properly adjusts each machine to your body, maximizing your results safely, effectively and efficiently, every second counts. The equipment you will encounter at a Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Studio will be the highest quality with regular routine repair and maintenance. This equipment is not found at any commercial fitness center. One of the primary differences of this equipment is the CAM, which mimics the strength curve of the particular muscle being worked. The Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Studio is immaculately well kept and is by appointment only.

So if you had a choice – where would you like to strength train?

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