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How Would You Like To Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life and Only Workout, 30 Minutes, Once Per Week?

Sound too good to be true? The secret is in Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training at Body by Storm. The key is not in how much you train but the intensity of the training. It is Doug McGuff, the author of Body by Science, who stated, “The bottom line is that a single set taken to a point of positive failure is a sufficient stimulus to trigger the growth and strength mechanisms of the body into motion. Additional sets produce nothing but more time spent in the gym”. High intensity has been classified as anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes per activity and based on intensity a typical individual cannot sustain more than 30 minutes of high intensity activity in one outing. As for the frequency of once per week, the body needs the optimal time to recover and/or repair which on average is anywhere from 3 to 7 days. This does not mean you cannot engage in leisure or “play” activities but to rest from high exertion activities to allow the muscle fibers the optimal time recover and grow stronger.  It is important to pick the right environment for this type of training. The ideal environment provides qualified fitness instructors, state of the art equipment, and a quiet quality controlled environment. It’s amazing the results you will see after just a few workouts and you will be quite pleased with the amount of time you save compared to the more common strength training workout regimen of 3 times per week at 1 hour per session.

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